WLC - history

Brief History

1993: Cofounders Paul Hahn and David Riherd began rescuing unwanted pets and taking them to local schools to act as living visual aids to teach the California State Standards for the Life Sciences.


1998: Formed S-Corp and won teaching contract with Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District


1999: Collaborated with LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell program where WLC taught lessons at six schools a day, five days a week until recession caused budget cuts occurred in 2009.


2003: Formed Nonprofit 501(c)3; began reducing S-Corp activities to transition to a fully nonprofit organization.


2007: Moved to current Sylmar site


2008: Opened to the public and began onsite programs


2010: Incorporated Common Core State Standards for Life Science in our presentations


2015: To date, WLC has provided over 22,000 educational programs in the Los Angeles area to hundreds of thousands of children. A high number of these programs have been for Title I elementary schools, whose students come from low income areas that lack resources and opportunities.

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