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David Riherd

David RiherdDavid Riherd, cofounder of Wildlife Learning Center holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA and a Master of Science in molecular biology from California State University, Northridge.  David’s research examined molecular genetic activity during the embryonic development of the California tree frog.  His research focused on investigating the expression of a DNA repair gene involved in repairing DNA mutations caused by ultraviolet radiation.


David and fellow cofounder Paul Hahn established Wildlife Learning Center to teach wildlife biology using living visual aids to demonstrate concepts and terms in biology.  Paul and David took their passion for and knowledge of the natural world and developed a teaching program that they could share with others.



Bachelor of Arts


CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE  Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology with distinction.
Special emphasis in molecular genetics GPA: 3.8

• Vice President of Graduate Student Association and Graduate Student Representative of CSU Biology Department Curriculum Committee

• Member of Phi Kappa Phi (Honor Society for Science)


TEACHING ASSISTANT California State University, Northridge
• Perform and teach experiments to demonstrate theories, lecture on background material and write and administer exams for Principles in Biology for Majors


TUTOR Tutored university genetics, biology, and chemistry


Member of Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training & Management advisory committee.


Worked at Moreno’s Wildlife Center raising, caring for, and exhibiting a large variety of wild animals including primates, wild cats, wild canids, and other wild and exotic species of mammals.

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