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Paul Hahn

Paul HahnPaul Hahn, Cofounder and President of Wildlife Learning Center is an Ecologist from California State University, Northridge. Growing up in the Mid-west, Paul developed into a young naturalist by exploring the nearby forests, lakes and ponds. Paul’s interest in the natural world inspired him to study biology.


Paul oversees all aspects of the Wildlife Learning Center, including animal care, staff biologist management, educational programs and physical plant management. Paul’s most important role as President of the Wildlife Learning Foundation is to cultivate relationships with donors, who are the life-blood of WLC.


If you think you may enjoy helping WLC thrive, please contact Paul at:




– Biology tutor
– 3 year work study program at the Minnesota Zoo
– Reptile internship at the St. Louis Zoo
– Worked with L.A. County entomologist detecting and studying the effects of non-native fruit flies

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