Lola the Sloth


Rachael grew up in Southern California and has always had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. At a young age she was drawn to nature and aspired to work with animals.


At first, Rachael enrolled in a marine biology and was given the opportunity to study and observe the marine life in Baja California, on the Sea of Cortez. After her first study abroad program, she quickly realized ecology and animal behavior was her path. Rachael then attended California State University, Northridge, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolution. As an undergraduate student, she gained research experience in the Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador, where she worked hands-on with various species of bats with an emphasis on their conservation. She also joined a herpetology lab, where she worked on a study of the physiology and morphology of the prehensile tailed skink.


Rachael was then accepted into the WLC animal care internship program. At WLC, Rachael quickly fell in love with the opportunity to work hands-on with a variety of exotic species. Rachael was an exceptional intern and was offered a staff biologist position at WLC. Rachael realized the impact education has on the public, and truly believes that the more knowledge people gain about wildlife and the world around them, the better our world will be.  In the future, Rachael hopes to further her education in the field of wildlife conservation.

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