Eurasian Lynx

LynxThe Eurasian Lynx is nearly twice as large as our North American lynx known as the Canadian Lynx, but has similar body proportions. Both cats have long legs, large paws, short tails, and triangular ears tipped with tufts of black hairs.  Both males and females often have a ruff or collar of long hair around their neck and under their chin. The Eurasian lynx can weigh as much as 84 pounds, but more usually males average 44 pounds, while females weigh about 37 pounds.


The lynx is found throughout Europe and Asia and prefers a forested area with plenty of dense undergrowth and can live in rocky areas, open forests, and even scrub and brushy areas. The Eurasian lynx has recently been reintroduced into parts of Germany, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria.


The Eurasian lynx is capable of running 35 miles per hour, jumping eight feet high, and leaping twelve feet horizontally.


The main prey of the Eurasian lynx is small ungulates including roe deer, red dear, and chamois, but sometimes will take down prey 3-4 times their size, namely reindeer.  When deer are unavailable rabbits and hares form the major part of their diet.

Scientific Name:

Lynx lynx






N. Europe, Asia






Near Threatened

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