Our October 2016 Safari Night Awards Dinner
Was A Huge Success!

It was the most successful fundraiser in WLC history.

We will now begin to enhance animal habitats, acquire veterinary equipment and increase the quality and volume of our education programming. We have big plans for the future and thank you to all of you, this was a tremendous first step!

Wildlife Learning Center would like to thank our wonderful Awards Dinner Table Hosts.

You are the heart and soul of this amazing event!


Brian Pendleton
Alona Tal
Ryan Letts
Paul Hahn
David Riherd
Tammy List
Amy Foote
Ashley Erickson
Egg Plantation
Nikki Osborne
Jan Mc Elwee
Arlene Haasis
Bruce Munster
Cartoon Network
Stephanie Reddick
Chris Paine
Audrey Lavin
Darlene and Lance Meltzer
Rosemary Ward
Barak Raviv
David Shikiar

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