Conservation Celebration Birthday Parties!

Invite your family and friends for a birthday celebration amongst the wonderful world of biodiversity!

WLC - Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties prove that learning is fun! Wildlife Learning Center offers a variety of educational birthday parties for all ages. We can bring our safari to you or choose to visit WLC for a “Celebration at the Center.” Our friendly, professional, caring and knowledgeable biologists will guide you on a safari you’ll never forget! Our presentations incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards for the Life Sciences. The emphasis is always on learning, interaction, and fun! For the Next Generation Science Standards, CLICK HERE


We deliver all of our presentations at a level your audience will understand and enjoy. Each presentation is one hour in length, unless special arrangements are made.


By participating in one of our education programs you can enjoy the reward of knowing that you are helping with the care of the animals that call Wildlife Learning Center home. Be sure to schedule your special day in advance as these programs are popular and fill quickly. Scheduling your next event is quick and easy! Just call our friendly Education Coordinator, available 7 days a week, at 818-362-8711.


If you would like additional presentations or a longer experience, discounts are available.  A small travel fee may apply. Please see “Travel Rate” pdf in the right column. You can see pictures of each of these fascinating animals under the “Our Animals” Menu. If there is a particular animal you would like at your event that is not included in your presentation, please call for availability and pricing.


$650 + travel ($300 Per additional hour)
Two friendly and knowledgeable biologists will lead you and your guests on an informative, fun, and interactive rainforest adventure! Learn about the importance of our rainforests and the need for conserving these natural treasures. This is a birthday party adventure your child and guests will never forget!  Biologists will introduce you to a  Two-toed Sloth, colorful Macaw parrot, Armadillo, large Python, young American Alligator, Prehensile-tailed Skink, Rainbow Boa Constrictor, and Madagascar Hissing Cockroach! Don’t forget your camera! 



$600 + Travel ($300 Per additional hour)

Take your family and guests on an around the world safari without ever leaving your home! Experience the world’s fascinating biodiversity and the interconnectedness of all living things. This will be remembered as the most fun and educational party in your neighborhood! Two enthusiastic biologists will introduce you to a  Serval Wildcat, Skink, large Python, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Sulcata Tortoise, American Alligator, small Snake, Bunny, and one of our big Bugs!



$425  + Travel  ($150 Per additional hour)

Bon Voyage! Your personal biologist and tour guide will enchant you and your guests with fascinating animals from around the world where you will learn about the important role each species has in nature! This is an educational and fun experience your child and guests will never forget! Choose 8 exotic and native animals from the following:  one of our beautiful Foxes, a North American Porcupine, an Armadillo, Hedgehog, an Alligator or Lizard, a small Snake, Bunny, and one of our big Bugs!



$325  + Travel  ($150 Per additional hour)

Every child is naturally fascinated by our fun-filled creepy crawly presentation! Your enthusiastic biologist will gently introduce your guests to these captivating creatures from around the world. This creature exploration can create a life long love for the life sciences. Your special birthday child will never forget meeting a fascinating Tarantula, African Sulcata Tortoise, American Alligator, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Skink, Gecko, Legless Lizard, and a couple small Snakes!



$300-700 + Travel  ($200-300 Per additional hour)*

An animal of your choice.  We talk for 10-15 minutes about the animal’s habitat, how it survives, what it eats and other interesting fun facts.  We will then answer any questions about the animal, invite you to take pictures and encourage guests to get an up-close and personal look!

*Prices vary based on animals and number of biologists required.



$585  ($150 Per additional hour)

If you enjoy the shady, natural setting at Wildlife Learning Center, let us host your next special event! Wildlife Learning Center is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley with easy freeway access. We recommend scheduling your event several weeks in advance. 818-362-8711


  • Celebrate at the Center is a 2-hour birthday celebration at Wildlife Learning Center for up to 40 people! (Additional guests: $10/person)
  • Includes a 60-minute interactive animal presentation including a Serval Wildcat, Porcupine, small Snake, Bunny, American Alligator, Hedgehog, Tortoise, Large Python, Lizard and one of our big Bugs!
  • Enjoy a private 400 sq. ft. party pavilion reserved for you and your guests.
  • Explore WLC and read our informative placards at your leisure and then relax for a 60-minute lunch and free time.
  • You have access to your party area 30 minutes prior to your party for set up with assistance from one of our friendly biologists.
  • Scheduling is quick and easy. Please call our Education Coordinator at 818-362-8711


WLC is happy to offer discreet and private life science programs and animal experiences for public figures, celebrities, and their families. Please inquire for more information: 818-362-8711


 A $150 deposit is due at the time of scheduling.

These prices are subject to change.

Please call for reservations


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